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Capacitive screen device universal stylus type-c interface

Capacitive screen device universal stylus type-c interface

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1. Applicable equipment --- mobile phone, tablet computer, capacitive screen and other electronic equipment

2. Battery---Model: 68430 Capacity 110mAh

3. Charging---charging voltage 5V, charging current 0.1A, fully charged in about 60 minutes;

4. Continuous working time - 20 hours of continuous use;

5. Intelligent power saving---automatic shutdown in 5 minutes

6. Backup---12 months;

7. Intelligent power saving, automatic sleep in 5 minutes

Product size and process description:

1. Dimensions---Length 165mm, diameter 9.0mm

2. Nib---wear-resistant plastic material, replaceable nib

3. Pen holder---metal, paint;

4. Pen tail---TYPE-C charging interface;

5. Button---touch switch;

6. Color---white;

7. Weight---13.4g (excluding packaging);

8. Packing size: 22*4.7*2CM, packing weight: 50g
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