Original Equipment Manufacturer Creative and mass produce.

KUU is at your service
1.Business office
KUU's basic business is the production and sales of office laptops. This is our specialty. We can produce notebook computers according to customers' requirements. We can make customer's brand on the computer.

2.Store or restaurant data analysis
KUU's tablets and 2-in-1 laptops can be equipped with ordering
systems and operating systems suitable for restaurants or stores.
It is the tenet of the service industry to provide the best service to customers at all times.KUU can help them achieve their goals effectively.

3.Media and Entertainment
Whether it's editing movies or retouching images,KUU is good at them.
If you're a photographer,an editor, an illustrator or youtuber,KUU will be your best friend.

4.Schools and government offices
In today's environment, working from home and taking online classes are becoming more and more popular.Such a computer needs to be of
consistent quality, affordable,and complete interaction.That's what
KUU has to offer.

5.More industries
You name it. We build it.Our portfolio can be customized to fit all types of solutions—from defense and aerospace to energy, retail, kiosk and more. Whatever the challenge,we will help you market an end-to-end solution.

Part 3.
(1)Tell us what you need and let us do it for you.Personalized customization and production.You name it and we produce it.From every screw to the structure,you have absolute control.We make the best products according to your needs.

(2)Let us know if you like the products we are selling now. In some cases, we may grant rights to a portion of our products to customers who meet the requirements. If you pass our evaluation, we can use your logo in production and share our patent with you. That way, the product is 100% yours. Of course, we still provide technical support and after-sales service.

(3)Give laptop a new definition
If the laptop we're selling doesn't meet your needs.
Don't worry, please contact me.
Tell me what you think, we can design new molds,use the right processors and operating systems,and find the best solution
for the industry's needs.Unlike general-purpose laptops,specially designed computers can bring more convenience to specific industries.

(4)Services to the global
Our logistics system covers more than150 countries around the world.
Therefore, no matter where you are in the world can purchase our products,we can provide global distribution service and after-sales service.