KUU Is Having A Flash Sale Today - Up To 41% Off

KUU Is Having A Flash Sale Today - Up To 41% Off

Event time: May 14th-15th

When you need some kind of tool for office or study, I think the best help for you is -- notebook computer!! A suitable laptop is crucial, whether you use it for work or for study and entertainment, using a high-performance, large memory and fast response laptop will make everything a little easier. KUU is buying these highly regarded laptops for office workers and students and professionals. From attending conferences and meetings to taking classes online, keeping in touch with friends and relatives, surfing the Internet, media programs and more, these laptops can meet your needs. They will all be on sale at KUU stores, with discounts of up to 41%. You can even deliver for free! Learn more about laptops and tablets. 

LEBOOK PRO- $729, was $809

If you're looking for a great 2-in-1 tablet that works on the go while still enjoying a nice look and lightweight body, you need the LEBOOK PRO. It has an I7-8550U processor and 16GB + 512GB solid-state storage. Equipped with support for boot wake up, one button to unlock, and stylus adsorption on the right side. It weighs only 1.3Kg.

Purchase link: https://kuu-tech.com/products/kuu-2-in-1-laptop-i7-8550u-12-6-inch-portable-laptop-16gb-ddr4-512gb-ssd-with-capacitive-pen-keyboard-support-fingerprint-boot-unlock

*KUU SBOOK M-2- $199, was $279(Lowest price ever) 

Built-in 6GB of single-channel memory makes it easy to use powerful applications or large files while still allowing other applications to run in the background. The 128 GB SSD gives you powerful memory storage designed to handle more work. Long battery life: Lithium ion battery with 30.4WH super-capacity processor, ultra-low power consumption, 4000mAH capacity, battery life of about 4h-6h, with the help of fast charging technology, can extend the working or entertainment time. 

Purchase link: https://kuu-tech.com/products/kuu-e3950-portable-laptop-13-3-6gb-ddr3-128gb-ssd-windows-10

KUU FLEXONES- $499, was $579 

First up is the FLEXONES, which is powered by an Intel I3 1115G4 processor for ultra-fast load and response times. It has a 14.1-inch IPS screen with a narrow bezel and a lightweight design, and the model adds a touch screen feature to the fun with a 360° flip. This laptop is perfect for people on the move. From class to the office, you'll be able to get more done faster. 

Purchase link: https://www.kuu-tech.com/kuu-flexones-laptop.html

KUU G5-$699, was $769 

High-performance gaming laptop, it uses an R7-5800U processor, 16GB+512GB PCIE large memory, US full-size keyboard, with backlight, 2 backlight adjustments, fingerprint recognition if you use it at school or work, You don't need all the bells and whistles of a high-performance laptop -- the G5 may be more than adequate for your daily activities. 

Purchase link: https://www.kuu-tech.com/kuu-g5-laptop.html

KUU G5 PRO-$759, was $ 859

AMD-15.6 inch high-performance thin notebook, 8 cores 16 threads, screen support 180° arbitrary Angle adjustment, one-hand open and close. You can easily use this laptop to write term papers or check in with clients. The laptop includes an extra-long battery and up to eight hours of wireless Internet and six hours of movie playback.

Purchase link: https://kuu-tech.com/products/kuu-g5pro-laptop

KUU UPAD- $179, was $238

11-inch tablet 2176*1600 IPS screen, metal shell, face recognition support, wireless WIFI, built-in 802.11AC/A/B/G/N, Bluetooth 5.0, for students to bring convenient applicability, drama watching, drawing and other operations are very convenient.

Purchase link: https://kuu-tech.com/products/android-11-inch-portable-tablet-pc-metal-case-fingerprint-unlock-face-recognition-multifunction-support

KUU A8S PRO- $279, was $350 

The A8S upgrade, equipped with an Intel UHD Graphics 600 GPU, provides a better gaming experience and better viewing experience, allowing you to play large games without having to degrade the picture quality. You can easily use powerful applications or large files while still allowing other applications to run in the background. 256GB SSD provides you with powerful memory storage space designed for more work processing. 

Purchase link: https://kuu-tech.com/products/kuu-15-6-inch-a8s-pro-office-laptop-intel-j4125-cpu-1920-1080-ips-screen-8gb-ram-256gb-ssd

KUU YOBOOK PRO- $299, was $399 

13.5-inch laptop with Intel Celeron N4120 processor 

A performance - and feature-rich laptop, perfect for your daily needs and multimedia entertainment. Intel Celeron processor, advanced connectivity including 802.11ax and Type-C, and 13.5-inch IPS full HD display with a high screen ratio for immersive streaming or work. A backlit keyboard lets you work or play anytime. Powerful graphics processing capacity, equipped with Intel integrated graphics card, enhanced graphics processing capacity. Excellent visual Effects 13.5-inch full HD IPS screen presents sharp and clear visual effects, and creativity soars to new heights. 

Purchase link: https://kuu-tech.com/products/kuu-yobook-pro-13-5-inch-ultra-thin-laptop-intel-celeron-n4120-cpu-3000-2000-ips-screen-laptop-8gb-ram-256gb-ssd

*KUU YOBOOK M- $176, was $299(Lowest price ever)

You can easily use powerful applications or large files while still allowing other applications to run in the background. The 128 GB SSD gives you powerful memory storage and is designed for more work. 6 g LPDDR4. UHD graphics card, creation is very easy, breakthrough graphics performance, creative use of graphics display in daily use, bring you an immersive feeling, run faster. Powerful processor capabilities ensure high performance, allowing you to run software and work at the same time.

Purchase link: https://kuu-tech.com/products/13-5-inch-ultra-thin-laptop-kuu-yobook-m-intel-n4020-cpu-6gb-ram-128gb-ssd-student-laptop

KUU A5- $659, was $760 

Fashionable metal design. Designed for portability, this all-metal laptop features an ultra-narrow bezel with a micro-bezel that provides a larger display area in a smaller body. The laptop weighs 1.68 kilograms. Full size backlit keyboard, covering the entire surface of notebook C, easy to use to reduce the possibility of miscontact large touchpad more convenient to use. 1.3mm keys, independent numeric keypad, oversized touchpad, very comfortable to use. Internet Connectivity. A5 laptop with built-in 802.1.1AC 5G dual-band Wi-Fi signal, 2.4g, and 5G. In addition, with Bluetooth 4.2, you can connect to any Bluetooth device, such as speakers or gamepads. 

Purchase link: https://kuu-tech.com/products/kuu-a5-high-performance-laptop-i5-11300h-cpu-dual-frequency-wifi-15-6-inch-narrow-bezel-ips-1920-1080

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