Good News! Good News! KUU Is Celebrating Its Third Christmas!

Good News! Good News! KUU Is Celebrating Its Third Christmas!

Due to the hot event, and in order to allow more friends who support us to receive preferential discounts, all our products have a 10% discount and the event will continue until January 5, 2022.

Do you know the origin of Christmas?

Christmas story:

December 25 is the day most Christians around the world commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.

The church did not have Christmas until about a hundred years after Jesus ascended to heaven. It is said that the first Christmas is in 138 AD, held by the bishop of Rome st. Clement initiative. The church history of the first Christmas in 336 AD. Because the Bible does not clearly record when Jesus was born, it is different around the Christmas date. It was not until 440 AD that Christmas was decided by the Vatican on December 25. In 1607, church leaders from around the world met in Bethlehem to further confirm that most of the world's Christians are on December 25 for Christmas. In fact, it doesn't matter which day, the important thing is to know that it is to commemorate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Because the Bible records that Jesus was born at night, tradition calls December 24 the night of "Christmas Eve" or "Christmas Eve".

On Christmas Day, people will prepare a Christmas tree, prepare Christmas gifts for friends and loved ones, and put them inside their hats on Christmas Eve. They will also sing Christmas songs with friends, make Christmas cards, and eat Christmas dinner with family and friends under the Christmas tree. In a word, Christmas is a symbol of good days!

First of all KUU on this special day, I wish you a fast Christmas!

10% discount for all from December 24 to December 28.

LEPAD: 399→359$

CPU: Intel Celeron N3450, a quad-core SoC designed primarily for cheap laptops, was released in mid-2016. It runs at 1.1 to 2.2 GHz and is based on the Apollo Lake platform. Similar to Braswell's, the chip is manufactured using a 14-nanometer process (P1273) and FinFET. In addition to four CPU cores, the chip includes A DirectX 12-enabled GPU and DDR3L/LPDDR3 / LPDDR4 memory controller (dual-channel, up to 1866/2400 MHz).

Performance: The CPU performance of the Celeron N3450 with four CPU cores and 1.1-2.2ghz frequency should depend heavily on the cooling solution. If the chip can maintain its Boost frequency, the N3450 should be 15-20% faster than the older N3710 (Braswell) and compete with AMD A4-7210. This means the processor is well suited for everyday tasks (office, browsing) as well as moderate multitasking.

Integrated graphics: HD Graphics 500(Apollo Lake) is based on Intel's Gen9 architecture, supports DirectX 12 and is also used in Kaby Lake/Skylake Graphics adapters (such as HD Graphics 520). Equipped with 12 EU and up to 700 MHz, performance should be roughly comparable to older HD Graphics (Braswell). This means that only l games like Counter-Strike: GO or Diablo 3 will run smoothly.

The chip also includes an advanced video engine with hardware support for playing VP9 and H.265 footage (8-bit color depth).


CPU: Intel Celeron N3450 Processor

GPU: Intel HD graphics

OS: Windows 10

Screen: 12"/12.6 2160*1440 EDP 1.3 3:2


Storage: SSD 256GB

WIFI/BT: support WIFI 802.11b/g/n/ac 2.4\5 Ghz, BT 4.2

I/O: 1*DC

1*Mini HDMI

2*USB 3.0



Interface type: Pogo pin connect 5 PIN

Battery: 7.6V, 5000 mAH, 38Wh

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