Welfare Is Here! KUU Will Launch New Products Soon: LEBOOK PRO, FLEXONES!

Welfare Is Here! KUU Will Launch New Products Soon: LEBOOK PRO, FLEXONES!

In order to give back to all new and old customers for their love and long-term support for KUU, we will send you two benefits at the end of February. The event time is:


Please note: Coupons cannot be stacked due to different promotions.

Please read the specific items below, and the new models we introduce to you-----

First of all, let me tell you the first Welfare: We will reduce the price of all online products by 15% on our official website.

①Next, I will introduce a new model: KUU LEBOOK PRO

It is an upgraded version of LEBOOK, we have newly improved the following points for it:

1. 8G increased to 16G

2. SSD upgrade to PCIE

3. The keyboard is improved, the color is changed from blue to gray keyboard

4. Fan improvement (silent fan)

5. The appearance is more refined

Let me introduce to you the CPU of I7-8550U: The Core i7-8550U is an 8th generation Intel Core processor, mainly used in laptops. For the first time in the U-series, the number of cores is four, and eight threads can be executed simultaneously.

The main specifications are as follows. Compared to the 7th generation CPU, the number of cores and threads has been doubled, and the maximum operating frequency of Turbo Boost has also been increased to 4.0 GHz. Cache is also increasing. But the fundamental frequency drops significantly.

The i7-8550u processor is a mid-range performance processor. It adopts KabyLakeRefresh architecture, 14 nm process technology, reaches 8 threads, and the integrated core display is Intel UHD Graphics 620. With 8192KB of L1 cache, base/max CPU frequency is 1.80-4.00GHz, depending on workload. ITDP is 15 W, while the processor supports DDR4-2400 with the dual-channel interface, LPDDR3-2133 memory.

Parameters Table

②Finally, I will introduce you to the KUU FLEXONES LAPTOP that can be flipped 360°

Parameters Table

Both of our two new models use PCIE hard disks. I think some people don’t know the features and functions of PCIE. We are here to popularize some tips for you:

The difference between PCIe solid state drive and SSD:

1. The transmission speed is different:

The maximum transmission speed of the PCI-E interface can reach 16Gbps, and the actual transmission speed is about 1560MBps.

The maximum transfer speed of the SATA interface is only 8Gbps, and the actual transfer speed is about 560MBps.

2. Different running points:

There is a significant difference in the speed of the AS SSD between the two. Whether it is continuous reading or writing or 4K testing, the PCI-E SSD is far ahead of the SATA SSD, and the overall score is

Solid-state drives are more than three times higher than SATA solid-state drives.

3. Different interfaces:

The difference between the PCI-E interface solid-state hard drive and the SATA interface solid-state hard drive is that the interface is different, and the communication bus is also different. For notebook computers, SSDs with PCI-E interface are mainly used for the configuration of multi-hard disk systems, using PCI-E slots different from standard SATA; while SSDs with SATA interface is generally used to replace the original mechanical hard drives inside notebooks, to improve disk performance.

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