"KUU Christmas All Products Reduced By 10%" Postponement Report

"KUU Christmas All Products Reduced By 10%" Postponement Report

Due to the hot event, and in order to allow more friends who support us to receive preferential discounts, all our products have a 10% discount and the event will continue until January 5, 2022.

KUU Laitnin A5 is very worth buying. This computer is equipped with this year's new CPU-Intel® Core™ i5-11300H processor and Thunderbolt 4 interface. In terms of work, entertainment, games, etc., we can do better. Now the price has dropped directly from US$776 to US$698. Click the link below to enter the purchase, add the product to the shopping cart, and then enter the coupon code "KUUXMARS" in the shopping cart to enjoy a 10% discount.

KUU A5 Laptop

The KUU computer brand comes from China and is an electronics manufacturing company dedicated to a series of services such as design, research and development, production, sales, and after-sales service. There are official stores on Amazon, AliExpress, wish, and other platforms. This event is only conducted on the official website of KUU.

Company Name: Shenzhen Udisi Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.

Contact: Meiguangren & Kristen

Company Address: 4th Floor, Building 8, Jiewei Industrial Zone, 53 Pingxin North Road, Pinghu Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Phone: +86-18822884200




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